Becoming a veterinarian is the lifelong ambition of many animal lovers. Achieving this goal is a long and challenging road filled with physical, mental and emotional stresses. But any animal lover who makes it will tell you it’s worth the time and effort.

If your dream is to become a veterinarian, you are in the right place.  This site will show you how to become a Veterinarian.

Veterinarians must have a much wider knowledge base than even doctors of human medicine. The veterinary curriculum includes all of the different species and physiologies in the animal kingdom. And many vets, especially private practice general veterinarians, must be able to take on such a wide range of responsibilities and roles including that of pharmacist, surgeon, diagnostician, radiologist, behaviorist, dentist, and so on.  The job description of a Veterinarian is very broad.

There are a few different types of Veterianarians that it is posible to become.  There are your general veterinarians that are the most common and who will treat most types of pets that people have.  Dogs, cats, rabbits and those types of common pets.  There are also large animal vets that generally treat farm animals.  Cows, horses, pigs and so on.  Often, medicine for large farm animals is focused more on the stockbreeding and profitability of the livestock industry.

Large animal veterinarians might choose to specialize in certain large animals such as an equine veterinarian, who specializes in treating horses.  There are exotic animal veterinarians who treat animals that we find in zoos, marine veterinarians who are regularly employed by aquariums, veterinarians who specialize in reptiles, and those that focus on wildlife and wildlife rescue.   And just like in human medicine, there are veterianarians who take a holistic and natural aproach to animal medicine.

Veterinarians also work in the public health sector and the numbers of vets working in that arena is growing due to the publics growing awareness and concern towards issues such as contagious diseases, importing animals, food inpection and use of drugs, hormones and antibiotics in farms raising animals that we eat.

Some Veterinarians choose to focus on researching health problems with the aim of discovering treatments, drugs, and surgical procedures that might help animals in need or improve traditional treatment methods.

It is difficult to enter and complete veterinary medicine school simply because there are only 28 schools in the United States offering the program.  The entrance requirements can be difficult.  However, for those with a desire to help and work with animals, becoming a veterinarian can be a very rewarding career.  It can also be financially rewarding with Veterinarians making a good salary.

With more and more people raising Pets, this is one profession that is in demand in several areas of the Country.  With there being almost no unemployment in this area of work, it is a great field to enter.